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Carz Car Club was established in 2011 by several friends with the same love and passion for fine vintage, custom and muscle cars from the thirties through the early two thousand year vehicles. We are a vehicle enthusiast club our requirement is that you must have an interest in vehicles of any style. We are a non-profit organization who conducts fund raisers and provides donations to various groups, organization and families throughout the New Hampshire and Vermont region. Our goal is the protection, exchange and to leave a legacy of classic and custom automobiles while building lasting friendships and strengthening our community. 

Kevin Patten

A Club for Vehicle Enthusiasts

Priscilla Baravalle, Treasurer‚Äč

Priscilla Baravalle

Belinda Butterfield, Secretary

Chris Aftowski

Richie Butterfield, President 

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Board Members:

A Club for Vehicle Enthusiasts

Todd Fisher

Tom Dickinson, Director of the Board